Unlock Your Maximum Potential

Strengths Profile

The Strengths Profile™ has proven absolutely reliable in revealing how you best get things done and predicting what will work for you and what won't. When you engage in activities that come from your natural strengths, you are happier, more passionate and life is great; when you engage in activities that work against your strengths, you are often left exhausted and overwhelmed

Strengths Profile ™ is a world-leading strengths assessment and development tool based on the latest research. Unique and distinct from traditional one-dimensional strengths tests, Strengths Profile ™ assesses 60 strengths across three dimensions of energy, performance and use. This provides a dynamic platform for development, enabling people to access the energy behind strengths and design strategies to maximise growth potential, minimise weaknesses and optimise performance and wellbeing.

Take the Strengths Profile ™ assessment and discover your Used and Unused Strengths™. Learn to put your natural strengths to work to improve your work performance and engagement in life. The Assessment questionnaire is done online and takes 30 minutes. Then we will schedule a fifteen-minute consultation.

What’s included:

• Access to online Strengths Profile™ Assessment
• One-hour consultation with Strengths Profile ™ Certified Consultant Heather Stark
• Report in PDF format

Here’s what one client said about his Strengths Assessment and Coaching Session: "I didn’t understand why I was so mentally exhausted until I learned that I was using what they call learned behaviours in almost every aspect of my day.  I’m now finding ways to work that use my strengths and developing unused strengths so that I’m not doing things that drain me all day long. I’m now feeling much more energized at the end of the day”