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Team Strengths Profile™ Assessment and Workshop

Why adopt a Strengths Approach in your Business?

A strengths approach will benefit both your people and your organisation. The research tells us people are six times more likely to be engaged at work when using their strengths. We also know that 98% of people want employers to recognise their strengths. Strengths Profile not only reveals realised and unrealised strengths, but also our learned behaviours and weaknesses. This helps your people have a more holistic approach to strengths development. Strengths Profile will support individuals, teams and the organisation to realise their strengths, develop their hidden talent, manage potential burnout and minimise their weaknesses. So, if you want to see performance, creativity and retention increase, build a strengths-based culture.

When individuals focus on using their strengths they are six times more likely to be engaged at work. When people and teams are engaged, great things happen! People look forward to coming to work, achieve their goals, and know that their contribution is valued in their team and business.

However, this does require some work as you need to assess the team and understand its needs before developing their strengths.

The Strengths Profile™ has proven absolutely reliable in revealing how you best get things done and predicting what will work for you and what won't. When you engage activities that come from your natural strengths, you are happier, more passionate and life is great; when you engage in activities that work against your strengths, you are often left exhausted and overwhelmed.

Take the Team Strengths Profile ™ assessment and discover your team’s Used and Unused Strengths™. Learn to put their natural strengths to work to improve work performance and engagement in life. The Assessment questionnaire is completed online by each team member.  It just takes 30 minutes. Individual consultations are scheduled with each team member and workshops are developed to meet the specific needs of your team. Team workshops help integrate Strengths Profile into your work culture and encourage members of the team to support one another to grow as individuals and a team, leading to a more effective and productive environment.